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Due to the quantity of requests for various numbers, I talked to NAMBA President Alan Hobbs on how NAMBA should handle these requests. First thing was it would have to be fair so that any NAMBA member would have an equal chance. Here is what has been decided. There will be a lottery or drawing on available one and two digit numbers only. You must be a current NAMBA member to participate. First member drawn in the lottery will have first choice of available numbers and so on down the line. If you wish to participate, contact the NAMBA office at namba@cox.net after January 1, 2019 to know the seven numbers that will be available. The numbers available in 2019 will be members numbers that were not renewed in 2018. The drawing will occur sometime in February 2019. Heat Racing and Time Trial Records By Mark Grim NAMBA Records Chairman This has been a great year for NAMBA records. Last April the Huntsville Model Boat Club put on its first NAMBA time trials. We saw some incredible new records. The first day we had very good water as there were 187 passes recorded. The second day about noon, we had a weather front come in and it blew us out for the rest of the day. However, we still recorded almost 100 passes. The next Straight-line and 2 Lap Oval event will be held at Brahan Springs Park in Huntsville, Alabama October 7th-8th. The Huntsville Model Boaters welcome everyone who would like to attend. All classes in Fast Electric, Nitro and Gas are offered. The following records have been set during 2018. 2 LAP Oval April 2018 Martin Truex Jr. A Hydro seconds: 17.537 / mph: 68.426 Martin Truex Jr. B Hydro seconds: 16.327 / mph: 73.497 Martin Truex Jr. C Hydro seconds: 16.434 / mph: 73.019 Martin Truex Jr. X Hydro seconds: 15.785 / mph: 76.021 Randy Hicks Gas GX-Twin Outrigger seconds: 24.313 / mph: 49.356 That is what makes a NAMBA Nats so special, the opportunity to meet new friends and see new boats. I am excited to race in Dallas again. I hope to see you there. European World Championships As I write this President’s Message, I am in Europe for the IMBRA World Championships. Four people represented the USA (Steve Ball, Buckshot Shackleford, Doug Twaits Jr. and myself) and two people represent Canada (Doug Sick and Kevin Traboulay). I hope we can post some photos for this newsletter and some interesting results from the Egeltons, France race site. From what I am told approximately 250 people have entered this event, but I have not heard how many boats will race. Boat racing is alive and well across the world. It is always interesting to meet new boating friends, see how other people do things, and learn from each other. Volunteers Nothing is accomplished without the people who do the work. At every race there are people that have prepared the site, set up the race course, erected the drivers’ stand, provided the recovery boat and laid out the pit areas. We depend on the hard work of these volunteers. At every race I try to thank the individual members that have made the event possible. Look around. There is probably something you can do to help locally and within your district. Tell your District Director you would like to help out and I am sure that your efforts will be appreciated. NAMBA is people working with and for people so we can all enjoy our model boats. See you in Dallas. NAMBA Number Requests By Al Waters NAMBA Executive Secretary Since I became the NAMBA Secretary in 2013, I would receive requests from NAMBA members wishing to change their NAMBA number. Most requests were for a one or two digit number rather than the three or four digit number they were originally issued. I will admit that I was one of those members. I waited fifteen years for the number 8 to become available. It was the number that was on all of my nitro scale unlimited boats. And it made it real easy to put the number 8 on the back of my NAMBA Nationals raffle tickets. There was not a NAMBA waiting list for numbers. In the early years, numbers could be insured and a member could come back years later and get his or her old number back. That program has since gone away except for a handful of people who are still grandfathered in. PROPWASH 2 October 2018 (l to r) Roger Leas, Martin Truex Jr., Tommy Lee, David Hall, Brian Gerard, and Randy Hicks