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We are looking forward to some great racing and meeting some new friends. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Oscar Love at (214) 690-1003 or John Borden at (817) 939-1220 or visit 2018nambanats.com . See y'all in Carrollton! We Have A Problem By NAMBA President Alan Hobbs I am having difficulty addressing a problem that has shown up lately. We have seen online videos of people running powered model boats in areas with people also in the water. We all know how dangerous this could be. For arguments sake, let’s say that the boats involved are of the highest quality and best controlled. Let’s say that the drivers have the absolutely highest driving skills. So, perhaps, the chance of someone getting hurt is only one in ten thousand. The chance of copy cats is much higher. Years ago, a young NAMBA member was telling his friends about his 3.5 stock tunnel hull. He was encouraged to run this boat in a marina. The tunnel hull went out of control and badly damaged an expensive boat. Even though the driver was ignoring NAMBA Safety Rules, a lawyer saw an opportunity to go after NAMBA’s insurance carrier. It was cheaper for our insurance company to repair an expensive boat than to fight it in court. You and I are paying higher insurance costs as a result of this accident. Now, let’s forget the cost of fixing an expensive boat and consider the cost of hospitalization, pain and suffering, legal bills, and loss of income when someone is hurt because a model boater ignored NAMBA Safety Rules and actually hit someone. First of all, if you are ignoring NAMBA Safety Rules, you have no NAMBA insurance coverage in place. However, any capable attorney will go after everything he/she can find. NAMBA will be brought into any lawsuit. NAMBA insurance will receive legal claims. Your, my, and every NAMBA member’s insurance coverage will be affected. Perhaps no one is injured by a NAMBA member driving a boat in close proximity to swimmers, or other people in the water. But, there is a video of it on the internet. Someone sees that video and thinks it could be fun. The result is that someone is injured. Even if that model boater is not a NAMBA member, NAMBA could find itself drawn into any lawsuit as the organization that encourages such behavior. Please remember, NAMBA has no right to consider what kind of dog you own, what color your car might be, or what neighborhood you call home. But, we do have a responsibility to refuse membership to those people who jeopardize our organization and our members. As I mentioned, I am having difficulty addressing this subject. But, what I will do is propose a new NAMBA rule to the Board of Directors. Basically, I believe that any NAMBA member who drives a powered model boat around people in the water should have their membership rescinded; whether or not anyone is injured. I will ask the Board of Directors to accept a new, non-racing rule that will rescind a membership for a minimum of five years when a NAMBA member uses a powered model boat to willingly jeopardize people in and around the water. I firmly believe that the Board of Directors will approve such a rule and when it is approved we will post this rule on our website and on our Facebook page. 2018 NAMBA Nationals Updates By Oscar Love Co-Contest Director The Dallas RC Thunderboats and District 7 are pleased to be the hosts of the 2018 NAMBA Lone Start Nationals from October 20th - 27th. This year's Nationals will follow last years, offering Gas/Nitro/FE. The turnout is expected to be close to 500 boats with racers from across the globe. If you have not looked at the competition, please check out the web site RaCEMastersEvents.com. We will be located at the McInnish Park and Sports Complex in Carrollton, Texas. For those arriving early, Thursday October 18th will be the earliest you can arrive and start setting up. RV and car parking will be located at the front parking lot. Please check with a Dallas RC Thunderboats club member before setting up. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact myself or Co-Contest Director John Borden. Open Water: Available starting on Thursday October 18th Starting Saturday October 20th, open water will be limited to the next day's racing classes until 7 P.M After 7 PM all boats will allowed Up to 8 AM on race mornings, classes racing that day only There is no set end time to open water. No retrieve boat driver provided The Welcome Party and BBQ The Welcome party on Monday October 22 will be catered by Babe's Chicken and the BBQ on Friday October 26th will be from Dickies Barbecue Pit. Please let us know of special food needs. The Welcome party and BBQ/Paddleboat racing will be held at the race site. We will also have DJ'd music both nights. Race Changes for FE 1/8 Scale P LTD and T A few changes have been made from the original schedule. Electric 1/8th Scale Unlimited has been moved to an exhibition class with modified rules Motors allowed - Any motor 860kv unloaded or lower. Batteries - 8S configured Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries with a max of 4.2v per cell. Capacity will be NAMBA specified limit of 12,000mah. Speed Controller - Any speed controller may be used. Four rounds of heat racing with five laps per heat. P-Limited classes - 2 additional motors have been allowed. Pro Marine RC – PMRC3656 2030kv Motor Proboat/Dynamite DYNM3831 A3650-2000Kv T-Offshore has been changed to T-Mono. General Information Tim Martin has been going strong with raffle prizes. He has been able to get some great boating and non-boating donations. He has posted some sneak peeks on the Jim’s RC Boat Dock forum so take a look! Make sure you have a valid NAMBA membership. If you need a single event membership, please visit NAMBA.com and use the NAMBA Membership Portal. This must be done before attending. Registrations will NOT be taken at the Nationals. I wanted to send a special thanks to everyone that has donated to the NAMBA Nationals. Those that have helped put it together. And those that will help support during the Nationals. Without your support this event would not be possible. PROPWASH 14 October 2018