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However, accidents have never happened in the marathons as far as I know. I believe that the combination of very experienced racers running first class equipment has continued to make these events safe. Editors Note: The two examples shown for retrieving boats were staged from many years a go where the Marathons would allow hot boat launching and retrieving to save time. Those days are since long gone. Through the efforts of NAMBA Safety Chairman Lohring Miller, Nationals Contest Directors and those who have annually participated in Nationals Marathons, all boats brought to shore after completing their laps have to be shut down, then brought to the secondary start table. At that time, the next boat can then be started and launched. And as always, there is no running in the pits. As long as we are all careful and pay attention, boat racing will continue to be the safest part of the 2018 Lone Star NAMBA Nationals in Carrollton, Texas. Perhaps the issue that has the greatest potential to be fatal is a car accident. Some boaters are driving long distances and long hours to get to the races. At the race area you are driving on unfamiliar roads, sometimes after dark. You may also be driving an unfamiliar rental car. Please be careful and get some rest. Don’t drive after celebrating your wins with alcoholic beverages or other substances that impair your ability to drive. That especially applies to the guy on the left. Wearing proper footwear also applies so don’t be like the guy on the right. Modern cars have great safety systems. The combination of seat belts with cross chest straps and air bags can prevent serious injury even in high speed accidents. I had a high speed automobile accident at the Nationals. While I was waiting in the emergency room people were brought in after a similar accident. Unlike me, they had been thrown around inside of their vehicle. At least one passenger was thrown out. He required immediate, life saving surgery. I only needed some glass removed from my knee. I was able to continue racing after a day of rest helped by some Naproxen provided by Al Hobbs. Of course, all the standard racing safety rules still apply. However, they often get bent a little. The events with the greatest potential for injury are the marathons. Here, the pit people deliberately are exposed to running boats while they are in the water. The excitement of the event could result in injury, especially from falls and spinning propellers. PROPWASH October 2018 13