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Classes Participating
6/24/2014    N-2 Mono
6/24/2014    P Limited OPC
6/24/2014    P Mono
6/24/2014    Q Mono
6/24/2014    SV27-Exhibition
6/24/2014    N-1 Mono
6/25/2014    P Hydro
6/25/2014    P-Limited Kids Cat-Exhibition
6/25/2014    P Limited Mono
6/25/2014    Q Catamaran
6/25/2014    T Hydro
6/25/2014    N-2 Sport Hydro
6/25/2014    N-2 Hydro
6/26/2014    N-2 Offshore
6/26/2014    P-Limited Kids Offshore–Exhibition
6/26/2014    P Limited Offshore
6/26/2014    P Offshore
6/26/2014    Q Offshore
6/26/2014    T Offshore
6/27/2014    P Catamaran
6/27/2014    P Sport Hydro
6/27/2014    P Limited Hydro
6/27/2014    Superboat Single
6/27/2014    Q Sport Hydro
6/27/2014    T Catamaran
6/27/2014    1/10th Scale Electric Modern Unlimited Hydroplane
6/27/2014    1/10th Scale Electric Vintage Unlimited Hydroplane
6/28/2014    P Limited Catamaran
6/28/2014    Superboat Twin
6/28/2014    P Limited Sport Hydro
6/28/2014    Q Hydro
6/28/2014    T Mono
6/28/2014    Electric 1/8th Scale Unlimited Hydroplane
The Top 3 Finishers in N-2 Sport Hydro
N-2 Sport Hydro

Position:  1
Jason Simms
1500 Points
Radio:    Futaba
Boat:      Simms Whiplash
Engine:  Neu 1515 .5Y
Prop:  Octura Y536
Fuel:   Thunderpower G8
Position:  2
Ken Haines
1300 Points
Radio:    Spektrum
Boat:      Cowger Built
Engine:  Neu 1515 .5Y
Prop:  Octura X640
Fuel:   R/C Lipos TP G8
Position:  3
Doug Twaits Jr
1200 Points
Radio:    Hitec
Boat:      Jaques Whiplash
Engine:  Neu 1415 .5Y
Prop:  Y536
Fuel:   GrimRacer
Fast Time:  Jason Simms  1:25:41
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