NAMBA October 2020

If you are at a model boating event sponsored by an organization other than NAMBA, NAMBA insurance is not in effect. If you are testing your boats alone and have an accident, the coverage is not in effect. (Continued from page 1) It won’t be long until you’ll want to join NAMBA for the 2021 season. Watch the NAMBA website Membership Portal to join and get your 2021 membership card. It is so easy to join that even I can do it online. Elsewhere in this newsletter is information concerning the 50th NAMBA Nats to be held in 2021. There already has been a lot of effort made to make the 50th NAMBA Nats truly special. Start planning now to enter and enjoy the 50th NAMBA Nats. I hope to see you in Huntsville. Liability and Accident Coverage By Alan Hobbs Thirty years ago, NAMBA members had liability insurance but very little information concerning the company or coverage. During the 1990’s NAMBA changed the way we purchased insurance coverage, working directly with the insurance company instead of going through a third person. We were able to get a quote from Travelers Insurance, one of the largest insurance companies in North America and got the proper coverage for both the USA and Canada. We started working with Travelers, adjusting the coverage over time until we had our current liability coverage. Here is an explanation of NAMBA insurance coverage and some examples. This explanation is not complete but a simple presentation to the membership concerning NAMBA insurance. The liability insurance is “primary” insurance. Your homeowner insurance is not required to pay a certain amount before the NAMBA insurance is involved. As a NAMBA member, you are covered by liability insurance in the case that your boat hurts someone or damages someone’s property. As an example, if you lose control of your boat and it runs up on shore and hurts someone, there is liability coverage for up to $1 million. The aggregate liability coverage for NAMBA is $2 million in a year. PROPWASH 2 October 2020 This liability insurance also provides up to $100,000 coverage for damage to premises rented caused at a NAMBA boating event. As an example, you lose control of your boat, it runs up on the shore and pokes a hole in a building that is part of the area you rented to hold the NAMBA event. Please remember, use common sense while running your boats. Obey the NAMBA Safety rules. Do not run your boats if a spectator is in the water, hanging their legs over the edge of the water, or floating by on an inflatable. Do not run your boats if there is a dog playing in the water. Our boats today are fast enough to seriously harm someone. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask and remember that safety is always the first concern. In addition to liability insurance, NAMBA provides accident coverage as well. In the late 1990’s we were concerned with the high medical costs faced by model boaters if they were injured at a NAMBA event. So many members had no medical insurance because they were between jobs, or their job did not offer such insurance. To help our members in the case of an accident, NAMBA began to provide an accident policy as well as liability coverage. This policy is through AIG, another large insurance company. This coverage is “secondary”, which means if you already have health insurance coverage, the NAMBA insurance will pay the amount not covered by your personal insurance. The total amount of coverage through NAMBA’s accident policy is $500,000. As an example, if you are injured at a NAMBA event, such as cutting your hand on a spinning propeller, go get medical treatment. Whatever amount is not covered by your personal health policy will be covered by the NAMBA policy. But, your personal policy will be expected to pay first, then what is not covered will be sent to our insurance company.