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Jack Garcia - Inducted 1998

When one thinks about outboards, one thinks about Jack. Jack worked for many years with K&B Manufacturing, helping in the design and development of the outboard engine. Jack served one term as District 19 Director, and helped develop the popularity of the outboard class in that district. He served as National Outboard Chairman for NAMBA and has contributed many articles to the Propwash over the years. Jack is always there with a smile and a helping hand for rookie and seasoned boaters alike.

Dave Bestpitch - Inducted 1998

Dave has been a member of NAMBA since its early days. He has served terms as Director of District Nine and served as the Contest Director for the 1992 NAMBA Nationals which were held in Sacramento. Dave and his wife Bev can usually be found at all of the west coast nationals complete with their engraving equipment, personalizing plates for the trophies with the winner's name. Dave currently serves as the NAMBA Records & Awards Chairman.

Doug DeWitte - Inducted 2000

Doug started model boating in 1988 and attended his first Nationals in 1989. Since then he has attended many more Nationals and has won many National Championships. He served two terms as District 19 Director, several years as NAMBA Sport Hydro Chairman, and two terms as NAMBA Vice President. He also served on five Nationals committees. Doug says his real love in NAMBA is the people, who in his words are “my second family”.

Jim Whitlatch - Inducted 2001

Jim began running tether hydroplanes in 1951. While living in the Los Angeles area, Jim was a member of the Modelers. In 1966, Jim became a contributing editor of RC Modeler Magazine . writing technical articles and coverage of NAMBA/IMPBA Nationals. After relocating in the Bay Area in the 70’s, Jim became a member of the Model Mariners. Jim has won numerous National championships and has set records in straight-line speed and oval competitions.

Al Waters - Inducted 2003

Al joined NAMBA in 1989. He served two terms as District 19 Director, is currently the NAMBA Scale Hydro Chairman, and was elected NAMBA Vice President in 2002. Al created the District 19 web page and still serves as webmaster. Al was the Co-Contest Director of the 25 th Anniversary Nats that boasted almost 1000 entries. Al has been an ambassador for NAMBA, attending races in different districts and different organizations.

Mark Anderson - Inducted 2004

Mark started model boating in 1977 at the age of 12 and has been going strong ever since. He served as the Director for District Eight for several terms. One of Mark’s true loves is the Sport Hydro class and he has previously served as the NAMBA Sport Hydro chairman. District Championships are numerous for Mark. In addition, he has won many championships at the Nationals. Mark served as the overall CD for the 1998 and 2002 Nationals. Mark is always willing to share his boating expertise and has helped many new boaters become competitive.

Charles Fondacaro - Inducted 2004

Chuck first joined NAMBA in 1970 in Southern California. In 1972 he was part of the committee that petitioned NAMBA to hold a large national event. This event became the first NAMBA Nationals and set the stage for many more to come. In 1993 he was part of the group that held the first NAMBA sanctioned gas race. Chuck won several district gas class championships as well as winning several national championships. Chuck has also served as the District 19 Gas Chairman.

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