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Home of the North American Model Boat Association

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Classes Participating
7/10/2006    A O/B Hydro
7/10/2006    B Mono
7/10/2006    G-1 Mono
7/10/2006    Sport 40-2
7/10/2006    GX-1 Outrigger
7/11/2006    C OPC Tunnel
7/11/2006    Sport 21
7/11/2006    G-1 Sport Hydro
7/11/2006    A O/B Mono
7/11/2006    X Hydro
7/11/2006    Jersey Skiff
7/12/2006    GX-2 Mono
7/12/2006    B OPC Tunnel
7/12/2006    GX-1 Sport Hydro
7/12/2006    Kids R Boaters Too
7/13/2006    GX-1 Mono
7/13/2006    A MOD Tunnel
7/13/2006    Sport 60
7/13/2006    C Hydro
7/13/2006    Nitro Team Marathon
7/14/2006    GX-1/GX-2 Crackerbox - Exhibition
7/14/2006    B MOD Tunnel
7/14/2006    X Mono
7/14/2006    GX-1 Catamaran
7/14/2006    Gas Team Marathon
7/15/2006    Scale Unlimited Hydroplane
7/15/2006    Classic Crackerbox
7/15/2006    Sport 40-1
7/8/2006    A Mono
7/8/2006    A OPC Tunnel
7/8/2006    B Hydro
7/8/2006    G-1 Catamaran
7/8/2006    Sport X
7/9/2006    A Hydro
7/9/2006    C MOD Tunnel
7/9/2006    C Mono
7/9/2006    G-1 Outrigger
7/9/2006    GX-Twin

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