Propwash October 2019

There were some spattering's of all no votes and some who voted only what I think to be what they felt applied to their model boating concerns. I have always said as a rule of thumb that a rule proposal has a 75% chance of passing by just being available to the membership to vote on. Appropriate class chairmen review rule proposals after being submitted by districts but before they go to the membership to look for conflicts or see if the proposal can not be applied/enforced properly. A lot of due diligence is performed before the general membership makes the final decision. Not all proposals are a slam dunk as was evident in that a very large majority of voting contingent did not vote one way across the board. A testament to our membership that they do their research before voting to see what is best for the membership. Included with this NAMBA Propwash are your latest rule book inserts. We will now provide you those updates with each Propwash newsletter rather than the first Propwash of the following year. This will help you keep your NAMBA rule book more up to date. The cover page shows all rule book updates since 2006 when we began the process of history rule book record keeping. All you need to do is compare the dates in the upper right hand corner of your rule book with the cover page dates. As indicated in the instructions, notify me if you have any missing pages. I would like to thank Tracy Osborne from District 19 who maintains the NAMBA rule book. Not only does she handle the web edition and version that goes to the printing company, she also provides us with a rule book that shows the old rules that were updated/eliminated and the date when that occurred. Model Boater Drowning Editors note: As much as I do not like to print an article like this, it is reality. This person was not a member of any model boating organization nor was he known by any of the local model boaters. The following are from an online news reports. The person’s name has been removed. LAKE HAVASU, AZ — Officials say a 59-year-old man was found dead at Lake Havasu Saturday after going missing earlier in the morning. Mohave County Sheriff's Office Rescue and Recovery Team responded to the Thompson Bay area of Lake Havasu around 6:45 a.m. after receiving reports of a missing man. According to MCSO, the man's personal belongings had been found on shore and a remote-controlled boat was also located floating nearby. It was reportedly determined that ****** *****, of Lake Havasu City, had been at the Thompson Bay area near the Patrick Tinnell Memorial Sports Park operating the boat and had not been heard from since. Dive team members found ****** body approximately 75 feet from the shoreline, in approximately 10 feet of water. Early investigations reportedly show that Young may have crashed his remote-controlled boat and attempted to swim out to it. MCSO is continuing to investigate. The body of a Lake Havasu City man was discovered Saturday morning at Thompson Bay. The victim, identified as 59-year-old ****** *****, had been operating his remote-controlled boat in the area, according (Continued on page 3) When he saw that it did not have a radio installed, he no longer wanted the boat. There was no sense in arguing. He got his money back and I took back the boat. Differences of opinion happen every day. It is how we handle these differences that reflect upon us, our friends, and our organization. Remember, NAMBA is not about you or me. It is about us. And together we can move both model boating and NAMBA to higher levels. 2019 NAMBA NATS District 20 hosted the 2019 NAMBA Nats in Salt Lake City. They did a great job of putting on a fun time. There was no racing on one day. If you wanted you could test at the site. Or, if you preferred, you could take time with your family and friends to enjoy something away from the race site. District 20 also held a Hawaiian Night complete with Island style food and Island entertainment. Everyone gathered to watch demonstrations of Polynesian and Hula dancing with great music and some good time audience interaction. Vice President Richard Romero and I both were selected to show off our dancing skills in front of the crowd. Everyone learned how to do some island dancing and the night was a big success. A big thank you to District 20 and Co-Contest Directors Karl Loveless and Robert Holland. Richard “Rags” Grenier, longtime District 11 Director was inducted into the NAMBA Hall of Fame at the 2019 NAMBA Nats. Because of the Hall of Fame voting requirements, Rags induction, well deserved, was long overdue. It had been more than a few years since I had seen Rags and his wife, Kathleen. And, it was difficult to get them out to Salt Lake City without telling them what was in store. But, we managed to surprise him. Congratulations Rags. 2020 NAMBA NATS The 2020 NAMBA Nats will be held in Huntsville, Alabama. This is an excellent race site. I have raced there twice before and the site provides plenty of room for everyone to park and set up their canopies. To avoid the heat and humidity, the 2020 Nats is scheduled to be held in October. Huntsville is a city with lots to see and do. It is a center for the space industry and has a museum you will not want to miss. This will be an excellent NAMBA Nats held at a great site. I hope to see you there. The 50th NAMBA Nats 2021 will be NAMBA’s 50th NAMBA Nats. It will be hosted by NAMBA instead of by a District or club. We have already begun the planning and are currently interviewing potential host hotels. As we finalize the details, we will notify everyone in plenty of time for you to plan your schedule. I can promise that the 50th NAMBA Nats will be much more than racing. This will be as much a social event and celebration as anything else. You will not want to miss out on NAMBA’s 50th Nats! Spring Proposal Results By Al Waters NAMBA Executive Secretary One non-racing rule was passed by the NAMBA Board of Directors clarifying cash and non cash awards for NAMBA events and nine rule proposals were voted on by the general membership. All nine rule proposals submitted passed. 23% of the eligible membership voted. 20% of the those who voted, voted yes on all nine proposals. PROPWASH 2 October 2019