2021 NAMBA Nats Race Program

Welcome to NAMBA’s 50th National Championships. Beginning at Legg Lake in 1972, NAMBA held a national event each of the following 49 years. Some were very large events and some were very small. And, now we are here, once again at Legg Lake for NAMBA’s 50th National Championships. We are meeting here to celebrate NAMBA’s history, its foundation, the members, the champions, and the leaders that created our organization. Yes, it is just as much a celebration as it is a competition. Perhaps, it really is more of a celebration. I think that it is important for us to take the time to remember those that created NAMBA, those that made it grow, and those that made the changes to keep it going. We will remember the champions, but there would not be any champions without the people who saw the need to create NAMBA, those many years ago. Throughout this program, you will find articles written by the people who lived much of the NAMBA history. I invite you to read these personal stories as they will give you a better idea of who we are and how we got to where we are today. Obviously this event had to be held at Legg Lake. Securing Legg Lake for this event was not simple. The pandemic changed the way we all lived as agencies protected the population’s safety. My sincere thanks go out to the people of Legg Lake, the Army Corps of Engineers, the City of South El Monte, and Southern California Edison for making it possible for NAMBA to hold this significant event at NAMBA’s first home, Legg Lake. It is necessary to point out the hard work of the 50th NAMBA Nationals Committee, Steve Lopez, Tracy Osborne, Richard Romero, and Al Waters, who all put in many hours planning and creating this event. I also sincerely thank Rey Garcia who worked long hours to secure everything necessary for us to be at Legg Lake. This event had many supporters and suppliers that enabled us to secure excellent, one of a kind trophies and to hold a very special raffle. Please take the time to see who sponsored our trophies and who supplied the high end raffle prizes. I ask you to support them as much as they have supported NAMBA. Please compete as best you can. Please treat each other with respect. And, please buy raffle tickets. Enjoy this very special event. Be certain to greet each member here with a smile. Without each other there would be no NAMBA and no 50th NAMBA National Championships. Welcome to Legg Lake where we will all be a part of NAMBA’s history. Alan Hobbs NAMBA President What’s Inside President’s Letter .............. 3 Schedule of Events ............ 4 VP Message ....................... 5 Images and Stories Intro..... 6 Contestants Roster ........... 12 Facts from 1972............... 16 Legg Lake History ............ 18 Where We’ve Been ........... 25 Champions - Nitro ............ 44 Champions - Gas.............. 52 Champions - FE................ 56 Current Records .............. 65 Hall Of Fame Reflections.... 70 Welcome to the 2021 NAMBA Nationals!