2017 NAMBA Nationals

On behalf of District 19, I would like to welcome you all to the 46 th NAMBA NaƟonals. I would like to thank our district members for their assistance in hosƟng this week‐long event at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, Nevada. District 19 has decided to do something a liƩle different with this year’s naƟonals. We started by moving the NaƟonals to the month of October and then we included all three power disciplines ‐ Nitro, Fast Electric and Gas. We are excited to have over 500 boats entered from all over the United States with racers coming from Australia, Canada, and Japan. With this being my first NaƟonals as a Contest Director I’m excited to see many of my old friends and I’m looking forward to making new ones. This year’s event will have plenty of racing and some great aŌer race acƟviƟes, so we can all sit around and tell each other how we almost won earlier that day. Our Welcome Party will be held at the race site with Jim Feener providing the spirits and we have some great food planned. Team Ed will be hosƟng a mixer at the host hotel mid‐week and there can’t be a NAMBA NaƟonals without the Paddleboat Race. This year the Paddleboat Race will be held at the race site along with the Scale and Thunderboat judging, and of course there will be food and drinks to go along with some great bench racing. This year’s banquet is shaping up to be something special, it’s going to be wonderful Ɵme! District 19 would like to thank all of our sponsors and those who have donated their products to this year’s NAMBA NaƟonals ‐ this event could not happen without them. If you happen to see one of our sponsors during the race week please thank them and if you need to purchase products during or aŌer our race please keep them in mind. It’s the best way to say “thank you” for the memories they have helped us make at this year’s NAMBA NaƟonals. I would personally like to thank you all for aƩending this year’s NAMBA NaƟonals and know that we have worked hard to make this a memorable NaƟonals for all that aƩend. See you in Vegas, Richard Romero Co‐Contest Director District 19 Director Welcome Message What’s Inside President’s Letter 4 Schedule of Events 5 Current Records 7 History of Sunset Park 9 Past Champions 10 Sponsors 12 Where We’ve Been 14 Where We’re From 15 Contestants 17 Hall Of Fame 21 Committee / Event Staff 23