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Jack Oxley - Inducted 1994

It seems like Jack Oxley has been a fixture in District 19 as long as anyone can remember. For years, his distinctive Wing Dings dominated the hydro classes. Jack has run just about every type of boat imaginable, from outboards to inboards, monos to hydros to unlimiteds, nitro to gasoline. In addition, he has held records in almost all of these classes at one time or another. Jack can be seen almost every weekend at Legg Lake, and he is still the guy to beat in most of the classes he runs.

Al Wood - Inducted 1994

Al started his model boating career in England, sailing model yachts with his father. His modeling career in this country spanned many years, mostly in the Los Angeles area. While he spent some time running tether boats, he also moved into the R/C arena. His prop designs were renowned. Al was also able to turn his hobby into a profes-sion, making radio controlled boats and ships for the movie industry. Al could always be counted on for a helpful hint, a kind remark, and a hug.

Pat and Charlie Pottol - Inducted 1994

Charlie and Pat began model boat racing in the 1960's in northern California. Charlie saw the need for better boating hardware, and created a company called Marine Specialties. Pat served as the order desk, where she literally talked to boaters from around the world, many of whom she talked into coming to regattas in the United States.

Cathie Galbraith - Inducted 1995

Cathie started out in model boating in the Chicago, Illinois area in the mid 1970's. Her first boat was a Dumas Hot Shot. She quickly moved into the mono classes after seeing the Prather Deep Vee run at the 1979 Nationals in Mon-terey. She has had stints as Secretary and Treasurer of the San Diego Argonauts for many years, has been on eight Nationals committees, and has served as NAMBA Executive Secretary since 1988.

Judi Hazlewood - Inducted 1996

Judi has been active in model boating for over 20 years. She served one term as Director of District 19 and has served as District Secretary/Treasurer for over five years. Judi is always willing to pitch in when help is needed. She has served on several Nationals committees and is one of the founding members of the Needles River Rats. While Judi is mainly an outboard enthusiast, she has been seen running some of the inboard classes from time to time.

Ernie Bob - Inducted 1996

One of the original Hawaiian Horde, Ernie has been instrumental in keeping model boating alive and well in Hawaii. He has served several stints as District Director and has helped many new boaters get started in the hobby. Ernie has attended quite a few Nationals, and can always be counted on to have a non-stop bench racing session going on in his room after the day's racing is done.

Alan Hobbs - Inducted 1997

Taking over the reigns of NAMBA President in 1993, Alan took NAMBA to a new level of independence. Prior to his term in office, our insurance was still being purchased through WAM. Alan negotiated with the insurance com-pany, moving that responsibility completely under NAMBA's control. Alan is a very active President and can be seen attending races in all areas of the country. Alan has also attended many Nationals over the years.

Ira Cotton - Inducted 1997

Ira was one of the early members of the San Diego Argonauts model boat club, serving several terms as their Com-modore. He also served as Contest Director of two of the NAMBA Nationals which were held in San Diego and has attended all but four of the nationals held in other areas. Whenever anyone thinks of Ira they think of beautifully detailed unlimited hydroplanes. His "Oh Boy, Oberto" hulls have become legendary, taking top honors in most of the concours events in which he was a participant.

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