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Jerry Dunlap – Inducted 1982

Jerry started model boating in the 1950's running small outboards, and his first R/C boat was built in 1966. Since that time, Jerry has authored many articles on model boating in the consumer hobby magazines. He has also designed several boats for various manufacturers. Jerry's NAMBA involvements are many. He has served as District Director, Nationals Contest Director, Technical Committee member, and various class chairman. Jerry is a real spark plug in promoting model boating in the northwest.

Chuck McGaughy – Inducted 1983

Chuck started his model boating with a tether boat in 1947. Twenty years later he saw a B Hydro running, and has been hooked ever since. He was largely responsible for NAMBA's initial success on the east coast, serving as District One Director for several years. After moving to the west coast, he also served as Commodore of the San Diego Argonauts. Chuck's hard work and enthusiasm have lead to his success both on and off the water.

Wally Stewart - Inducted 1983

Wally's first contact with model boating was at the family owned hobby shop in the 1960's. He was on the original Rules Committee during the formation of NAMBA, and helped with the first rule book. Wally has served as a District Director, Nationals Contest Director, and President of NAMBA from 1985 to 1987. Wally has also won several national championships, and has always had very competitive boats.

Edward Fisher - Inducted 1984

Ed was a member of the Seattle Model Yacht Club for many years, as well as being a member of the Technical Committee. He helped organize and run the 1973 NAMBA Nationals. He designed at least 90 percent of the boats that he has run, and does all of his own work. Ed was the first member to run over 80 miles per hour, and the first and only NAMBA member to have set over 100 records. In 1983 he received the Presidential Award for outstanding achievement.

Stuart Russell - Inducted 1985

Stuart attended his first Nationals in Florida in 1977, and attended many more since then. As a native Texan, he was always there with a big Texas hat and a bigger smile to greet you. In his line of work, he was always able to take along a model boat to attend races on weekends, and did a good job of promoting NAMBA. Stuart served as NAMBA President from 1980 to 1984. His "notable quotes" at the end of his President's Message each month were always worth reading and remembering.

Gary Jeffery - Inducted 1986

Gary started in model boating in 1972 when he became involved with the Stampede City Model Boat Club, now known as the Calgary Model Boat Racing Association. He served as Commodore during 1973, and held various other positions over the years, including Contest Director. He was involved in the organization of the first truly in-ternational event in NAMBA, the 1983 Nationals in Vancouver, British Columbia. He served as the District Direc-tor for Canada for several years, and held several Canadian speed records.

Douglas Twaits, Sr. - Inducted 1986

Doug first ran small outboards in the early 1950's, and ran his first R/C sport boat in 1976. He served several terms as District One Director, and served as NAMBA President from 1991 to 1993. Doug has promoted NAMBA with booths at trade shows over the years, and served as Contest Director for the 1984 Nationals held in New Jersey. Doug has held many district records and class championships, and has been instrumental in getting electric racing going in District One and in NAMBA.

John Brodbeck, Sr. – Inducted 1982

John spent the better part of his life promoting modeling and manufacturing hobby related items. John was one of the nation's leaders in supporting the development of model marine products. He could always be counted on to support model boating. John's years of work and enthusiasm gave us many fine products that make it possible for model boating to be what it is today. John is also a member of the Hall of Fame of the Academy of Model Aeronautics.

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